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Power in Letting Go

Power in Letting Go

I made a comment the other night at a table full of people, who looked at me like I was crazy…(which I don’t mind). They were inquiring of my nomadic lifestyle and I said, “I just do what works for me, it’s to let go and live a non-attachment lifestyle!”. My friend sitting right next to me said, “Yeah….umm, easy for you!”. So, I’ve spent a couple days thinking about what it is that makes it ‘easy’ for me and not for others to just let go? I mean, there are numerous ways to go about letting go, but ultimately, the underlying foundation of letting go is TRUST. I very simply trust that I will always be provided for, that nothing can harm me, that life is abundant and that whatever is within me is all I could possibly need. When I was a child, there were times where I was severely neglected and abandoned, and I didn’t make that mean that I wasn’t important or that no one loved me, quite the opposite actually, I look back now and can see that I was always ok. I was always provided for, even when no one was around! As hard as life got for me, I have ALWAYS been ok. It’s only our ego that wants us to think that we aren’t going to have what we need, or that we will run out of whatever we have, or even possibly that if we do ‘run out’ of something we might just die!

Another foundation I stand upon is that we are not powerless. We are not a victim of life, life is not happening to us. What we see is what we create, and what we choose to see. How does being powerful help in letting go? Well, if you have trust in yourself and the world you create, you will never need anything, because everything you could possibly ever need is within you, sitting right in your palms. We have a wellspring of creativity, creations ready to come to the surface when we say so, WE are the CREATORS! How powerful is that?! So, when no one was there to provide for me, I did not sit around and feel like a victim, I did something about it myself. When I was about 4 or 5 years old, no one was around to feed me, and I did not know where anyone was. At that point, I remember getting a chair, climbing onto the counter and eating mustard out of a jar that was in the cabinet. There was another time around the same age, my mother was heavily passed out and would not wake up to take me to school, so, I got myself ready and walked to the bus stop alone in Houston, Texas. It wasn’t the safest neighborhood, and in fact I had to walk outside of the gate to the apartment complex to get to the bus stop. Turns out, it was a Saturday and I was waiting for a couple of hours before a neighbor saw me and picked me up! You may be thinking how sad that must of been for me, but I didn’t see it as sad at all, I was simply doing what I wanted to do because if I didn’t, I learned early on that no one else was going to do it for me. I did what I could to create the life that I wanted even at age 4!

Key points to make here are that if you want to trust in the world around you, the Universe, or God, you have to first trust in yourself. An easy start would be to have the highest integrity with your word. Build trust with yourself by always doing what you said you would do, or something as simple as saying you will take care of your body and then DO IT! No one else is going to do that for you. Next, start to listen to your internal conversations that you have with yourself. Listen to see if you are making yourself a victim in the world and do not belittle yourself, be forgiving, thoughts are just thoughts and you do not have to identify with all of them! Believe you are powerful and you are. Much Love…

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